WIP #005: VanillaTV – literally the most alien thing

Posted by on July 8, 2011

In this our first show with Torden of VanillaTF2.org we take it nice and slow. Torden shares the stories of how he came to Team Fortress 2 and how, in turn, VanillaTF2 started. Given the respectability of the site in covering competative TF2, it seemed almost inevitable that VanillaTF2 would want to start their own shoutcasting site. Rather than starting from scratch Torden looked to TF2TV.com to provide this solution. The two sites merged and VanillaTV was born.

The merged sites required a rehash of the VanillaTF2 site. Running on WordPress, a number of features have been added and customised to allow news and scores to be linked directly to shoutcasted events. It’s not just the site that’s seen a rethink. OWN3D has been dropped in favour of JustinTV’s new games broadcasting group, TwitchTV.

There are more projects that Torden thinks VanillaTV could be associated with. He chats about a few that are on the radar at the moment and hints and what could be in store for the future.

Intro/outro sampled from Daddy_Scrabble's "Monkeys have arrived". Used under CC License

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