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WIP #018: keekerdc – Call it a comeback

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When I first started chatting to Chris Shetter he was trailing off his career in eSports casting. For years he’d struggled to see the results from all his efforts in shoutcasting and was looking for ‘another way’ to make it fun again. Before this most recent chat we’d seen him pretty much give it all up. He’d moved with his wife to Seattle so even the “dc” moniker no longer held true.

Talking to him now it is as if he’d never left the scene though in reality he hadn’t. Choosing to blog sporadically about events in eSports that he found to be particularly irksome he’d kept a hand in. Now he’s drawing some old friends back together and exercising coding muscles to bring about a completely new eSports web service mm1.fm. Sticking to an audio only output he’s creating a web service that’ll run 24/7 gaming audio using a collection of current shows. Interrupting every so often with news updates from all aspects of gaming. The concept he likens to sports radio and is a far departure from the visual feasts of his tgbf.tv days.

Intro/outro created for WIP by Cryogenetic.

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WIP #003: keekerdc has words

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The soil on the grave of tgbf.tv has barely had time to settle and Chris Schetter is back up to his old tricks. This time he is leaving the video up to his audience, inviting them to BYOV (bring your own video) while he gets on with the indulgent task of revealing the narrative of the TF2 matches.

Some may see this as a bold new strategy, others an over simplification of shoutcasting. Certainly the days of casting with The-Swede have not been forgotten and assistance from oPlaiD and  bcarr may be welcomed but this time Chris is going it alone. This will be an interesting journey for Chris and we get to come along for the ride.

You can listen to Chris’s show on his blog and follow him on twitter.

The music for this episode was sampled from Daddy_Scrabble’s track “Monkeys have arrived“. It is used under the Creative Commons License

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