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WIP #004: GangGarrison2 Quadcopters and Super Cock Blockers

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The guys from GangGarrison2 are here. Well, two of them at least. Their project size ebs and flows seemingly with the moon. Luckily the two who turned up for this, their first episode of WIP, know all there is to know about gg2.  Med0 (Simeon Maxein) and mrfredman (Sam Goldberg) have worked on this for a very long time.  The Project started as a demake of TF2 for a TIGsource competition. Inevitably this Game Maker program has been accused of aquiring many of its concepts from Cave Story and Soldat. Aware of this every opportunity is made to reference the games where possible.

Just in case you were thinking these guys were a one trick pony, mrfredman reveals he had a hand in Super Cock Blockers and Med0 gets his kicks programing skynet’s flying droids.

The music for this episode was sampled from Daddy_Scrabble’s track “Monkeys have arrived“. It is used under the Creative Commons License

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