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WIP #002: PubComp finds art

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For the second time we are joined by Parable from

New on the design team are Bear and Final Light. Bear, the 3D artists and film editor from ExTV is responsiblefor the huge lettering shown here.

Speedhaxx and Barncow become bring the coders team total to seven, if you include no_u, the intern. Barcow is responsible for the site and has some interesting skills far beyond mear code.

We draw the parallels to the voting systems of StarCraft and talk about good karma and bad.

The music for this episode was sampled from Daddy_Scrabble’s track “Monkeys have arrived“. It is used under the Creative Commons License

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WIP #001: PubComp begins

Posted by on June 5, 2011 | One comment

Parable from is here to chat about his new project. The Team Fortress 2 system that he hopes will bring pub gamers together with pro players. We catch up on his progress getting the project off the ground and the tools he’s using to organise and plan.   With only a few weeks passed since the post on reddit a great deal has been acheived. The new user site is taking shape. It replaces the orginal html static site on the url but the distintive borderless page won’t be live for another week. The big focus this week is to get eveyone on to TeamLabs. As useful as it is to have a Steam group for pubcomp, it’s a lousy way to organise people into their various roles. speaking of which, after just a few short weeks it looks like almost everyone needed for the project at this stage has been found.

If you’d like to know more about PubComp or have a question you’d like Parable or Agro to answer drop us an e-mail on or leave us a message in the show comments below.

Intro/outro sampled from Daddy_Scrabble's "Monkeys have arrived". Used under CC License


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